Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Korean-style Tofu Salad

annyeonghaseyo. je ireum-eun Catrina imnida...
that simply translate to Hello, my name is Catrina. This dish is actually self-created but inspired by various Asian-style tofu salads, mainly Japanese and Thai. but since the secret ingredient is Korean Spicy BBQ Sauce, i call it Korean-style. 

i bought this sauce from Fairprice Finest and i really like its versatility! can be used in anything - marinating chicken, for use in fried rice and even in pasta! this time, i combined it with Japanese Sesame dressing (for salads) to marinate the beancurd pieces. 
Dear thought the salad was nice. that made my day. 

Korean-style Tofu Salad
1 piece medium size beancurd/ Tofu (Tau Gwa), cut into cubes and boiled
2 1/2 tbsp ---------------- Korean Spicy BBQ Sauce
1 - 1 1/2 tbsp ------------ Japanese sesame dressing
1 medium size cucumber, shredded, core/seeds removed (Japanese cucumber preferred)
1 small carrot, shredded

1 large egg
8 Swiss brown button mushrooms, sliced
1 tsp soya sauce
1 tsp ---------------------- roasted sesame seeds/ chopped peanuts/ pinenuts

1. combine the sauce and dressing and mix well 
2. marinate the cooled tofu pieces in sauce mixture for at least 30 min
3. meanwhile, added soya sauce to the egg and beat it lightly. stir in the sliced mushrooms
4. cook the mushroom-egg mixture on a heat pan over medium heat. when the underside is brown, flip the egg over and continue to cook until brown. 
5. divide the egg-mushroom pan omelette into quarters. 
6. arrange the shredded cucumber and carrot on a plate and the egg-mushroom omelette on top of them. transfer the marinated tofu pieces onto the it, including the sauce mixture. toss, sprinkle with sesame/nuts and serve

jal meokkesseumnida, which means bon appetite

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