Monday, 11 July 2011

The 'second' stomach exists

Many say there is always a second 'stomach' for desserts and I can’t agree more. A meal is almost never complete without a dessert. Now, having desserts is no longer just an indulgence. It has become an essential. Sometimes, people need it, more than you can imagine. Perhaps some can already empathise with what I am saying.

I love to think that the role of desserts in society has become ever more important. Perhaps used to be once delicacies for the royals and the rich, desserts have now become snacks or gifts among the commoners. Desserts cafes are springing up in every corner of the world and are popular with gathering events and romantic dates. Depending on the type of desserts, coupling it with coffee, tea or even hot chocolate makes the day perfect.

I love desserts and everything sweet (but not sweets themselves (i.e. candies), ironically). I cannot imagine a world with sweet foods. However, I recall reading in a health magazine that we humans really do not need any extra simple sugars (i.e. glucose) in our daily diet and this basically mean living without sugar. To me, this is inconceivable. It is like having finger without fingernails!

As cliché as it may sound, life is short; let me have my dessert first. That is literally true for me. I sometimes replace my meal with desserts and that is how much I love sweet foods. But, as much as I love to have all the cakes in the world, I fear weight gain and health problems.

The solution to my obsession? BAKE IT! Or BAKE THEM! Looking at recipes and transforming words and pictures into real, 3D objects brings me into another realm of enjoying dessert. That process is simply amazing. Simple foods like butter, sugar and flour when combined with heat, create almost the best smell in the world.

I bake for people I care about and it makes me happy. And when you see their eyes light up as they savour your creation.... that feeling... it is priceless.

This blog is really a dedication to my life-long journey about baking and baking for the people I care about.

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